Erika Sprey (1980) studied Photography the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, Comparative Literature at the University of Amsterdam, Cultural Studies at Bath University in the UK and Philosophy at Columbia University in NYC, USA with a Fulbright scholarship. She also earned certificates at the Van Gogh Museum and Node Center for Curatorial Design for exhibition design and project management. Since 2010 she works as a visual artist and freelance curator and project manager. Recently she has founded The Mexican Connection, a platform that seeks to strengthen Mexico’s and Europe’s civil societies through art, design and debate. Parallel to her socially engaged curatorial work runs her more intimate artistic practice that is influenced by female (Mexican) surrealists like Remedios Varo and Unica Zürn, as well as folk art and cosmologies from all around the globe. Making use of different printmaking and illustration techniques, and more recently, textile quilting and decoupage, she reinterprets timeless symbols and archetypical themes to reflect on the contemporary.

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